Larvicide Treatments

There is an abundance of mosquito progeny habitat along Banks Lake and several other manmade or natural water bodies in the district.  Additionally, there are water collection sites in urban areas.

For areas along Banks Lake the District utilizes a fixed wing aerial application aircraft through an interagency agreement with Grant County Mosquito Control District #1 in Moses Lake. The aircraft can directly target and apply control agents to approximately 300 acres in an hour making it extremely cost effective.  The target application height is approximately 20-40 feet above the ground and a flight speed of 130 mph.  The aircraft is equipped with GPS guidance and application avionics used to precisely apply active agents to within tenths of a pound per acre. Currently it applies dry larvicide granules.  The granules are applied directly to mosquito larvae habitat which mostly consists of stagnating water sources.  The majority of these active ingredients specifically target mosquito larvae, are organic, and extremely safe. The granules vary in density but are about the size of lawn fertilizer. 

While the District tries to avoid flying during holidays and weekends, we do not have a set schedule for application due to changes in weather, water levels, and the countless other variables.

The District also locates and treats much smaller breeding sites when they cannot be drained or through elimination of water holding waste containers. Most of these activities can be achieved through cooperative agreements with property owners, other agencies, political subdivisions and public education.

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