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Larvicide Treatments

There is an abundance of mosquito progeny habitat along Banks Lake and several other manmade or natural water bodies in the district.  Additionally, there are water collection sites in urban areas. For areas along Banks Lake the District utilizes a fixed wing aerial application aircraft through an interagency agreement with Grant County Mosquito Control District…

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The adult stage the portion of the life cycle most people associate with mosquitoes.  The adult stage is the only stage in their life cycle in which they are not fully aquatic, and the only stage in which they take a blood meal.  After emerging from the pupal casing, the newly hatched adult will rest…

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Field Surveillance

Mosquito control starts in the swamps, marshes, seepage ponds, and any other area that holds shallow stagnant water.  To understand why water is critical to mosquitoes, one must understand the mosquito life cycle.  Mosquitoes have four distinct stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.     Depending on the species of mosquito, eggs…

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